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Fall Volleyball

12U Wildcats go UNDEFEATED IN 2015!

Every week for seven straight Sundays, nine, 11 and 12-year-old girls put their hands in a circle and chanted "I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN" And that is just exactly what they did. Facing both recreation and comp teams, the 12 U team went on to an undefeated season under the guidance of coaches Workley and Hampson. The girls realize that hard work, drills and listening to their experienced coaches pays off. Parents and players are extremely proud of this accomplishment and look forward to next year.

The team members, Maggie #4, Sydney #23, Zitarra #16, Arianna #8, Sheridan #82, Kendall #22, Kaiya #5, Avery #19 and Alyssa #3

Fall County League

GIRLS & Boys

AGES 8-14

GRADES 3rd through 9th

Registration is CLOSED.

 late fee after July 1st is $15

We had several players aging out this year, unfortunately they took their coaching parents with them.  We will need volunteers to coach this season.  If you think you would like to coach please email the commissioner.

Fall 2016 Season Details REGISTRATION IS CLOSED

Dues will be determined by early May. Uniforms will be purchased separately and cost no more than $65.  The fall season runs from practices in August and games beginning in September and continues through the end of October.

GORC Volleyball participates in the Anne Arundel County sponsored Volleyball league during the fall season. We offer competitive play against multiple teams outside of GORC. The games are officially refereed.

Age, Eligibility and Season Dates:

·                                 League: 10U, 12U, 14U

·                                Age Calculation Date: 9/1/2016

·                                Gender: boys and girls

·                                 Grade Limitation: 3rd grade min, 9th grade max

·                                 Start/End Dates: approx. 8/15/2016 to 11/1/2016

 League Description

 GORC Volleyball focuses first on basic skills including bumping, passing, and underhand serving. Once players successfully demonstrate basic skills, we will then move on to more advanced skills including setting, hitting, tipping, blocking, and overhand serving. Typically, only the older kids (ages 13-14) will begin to learn rotations/positions. The ultimate goal is to be ready for High School level play when entering 9th grade.

 Team Assignments

 Teams are typically 7 to 9 players each, but only 5 are required to play.

 Practice Schedules

Practice schedules are strictly based on gym and coach availability.  Practice schedules are made available as soon as possible.

 *All families are required to pay the $60.00 Family Membership Fee annually.