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GORC Boys Intramural Basketball 2018 All-Star Game & 3-point Shootout

By Bob Hagood, 03/04/18, 3:15PM EST


Check out the results of the 9th annual 12-14 age group all-star festivities!

GORC Boys Intramural Basketball program hosted its ninth annual 12-14 age group all-star game and 3-point shootout on February 28th, 2018 at Arundel Middle School. 

Zachary Pfisterer battled Jacob Dixon in the final round of the 3-point shootout.  Zachary hit the most 3 pointers in the first three rounds, but Jacob won the shootout in the final round and is shown in the photo along with Commissioner Bob Hagood.  The all-star game had a final of 79-51.  Aidan Catlin and Jacob Dixon led the winning team with 22 points and 11 points, respectively.  Caleb Bradshaw and Grant Anderson led the losing team with 14 points and 13 points, respectively.  The all-star players were Grant Anderson, Cory Bailey, Zachary Bendig, Amari Blanks, Caleb Bradshaw, Sean Carpenter, Aidan Catlin, Jacob Dixon, Jason Jackson, Julian Jackson, Garrett Kuhn, Eduardo Latimer, Devon Marshall, Samuel Marshall, Zachary Pfisterer, Brian Prescott, DaVon Richardson, Todd Shifflett, and Gideon Smith.  Pictures below show the players.