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On behalf of our Wildcat family we want to congratulate the 18 volleyball alumni who made their respective high school teams this year.  GORC coaches helped players polish their skills which helped them get onto varisty and junior varsity teams at Arundel, Old Mill,  Glen Burnie, Bowie, North County, Parkdale and Mount de Sales Academy .  The competition is going to be great, make sure you get out to watch your local high school teams and cheer on our GORC alumni.  

GORC Volleyball focuses first on basic skills including bumping, passing, and underhand serving. Once players successfully demonstrate basic skills, we then move on to more advanced skills including setting, hitting, tipping, blocking, and overhand serving. Typically, only the older kids (ages 13-14) will begin to learn rotations/positions. The ultimate goal is to be ready for High School level play when entering 9th grade.


Team Assignments

Teams are typically 7 to 9 players each, but only 6 are required to play. Team assignments are made in a variety of ways. In general, we attempt to keep teams together over time and with their prior coach when possible. This is to ensure consistency in training and playing. We do NOT make placements based on skill level. If a child has NOT played before, he or she is generally assigned to the team most in need.  We cannot guarantee that all requests for teammate or practice dates can be accommodated.


Age, Eligibility for Fall County League

  • Age/Birthday Range:
    • 10U ages 8-10
    • 12U ages 11-12
    • 14U ages 13-14
  • Age Calculation Date: 9/1/2017
  • Gender: boys and girls
  • Grade Limitation: 3rd grade min, 9th grade max
  • Start/End Dates: approx. 8/1/2017 to 11/1/2017
  • Locations: practices at Arundel Middle School and feeder schools, games on Sundays at various locations
  • Quantity Limit: 30 per age group
  • Wait List: yes

Age, Eligibility for Spring Intramural League

  • Age/Birthday Range:
    • 10U ages 8-10
    • 12U ages 11-12
    • 14U ages 13-14
    • 16U ages 14-16 (if we get enough interest)
  • Age Calculation Date: 3/1/2017
  • Gender: boys and girls
  • Grade Limitation: 3rd grade min
  • Start/End Dates: approx. 3/6/2017 to 06/04/2017
  • Locations: practices at Arundel Middle School or WCE
  • Saturday games @ Arundel Middle School 
  • Quantity Limit: 36 per age group
  • Wait List: yes

The winning-est team in GORC volleyball history. In 2016 they went undefeated while playing their last year representing GORC.

FALL 2016

The Tye Dye Tigers  came out on top of the Attack league with a 7-0 record and swept the end of season tournament.   With practices held twice a week this team translated effort into skill on the court.  By establishing a solid serving presence and ever developing defensive skills they were able to win their matches week after week.  Some having even begun to develop a overhand serve, a skill that will be needed as they move up to the next age bracket.  Another blossoming skill was that of leadership.  Abby and Kiara, Co-Captains of the Tie Dye Tigers,  learned valuable communication skills over the course of the season that will become increasingly important as they lead their team into next season.  This team showed great fortitude by displaying a never give up attitude.  On more than one occasions they came from behind to win a match.  Not once showing poor sportsmanship along the way by blaming another for their struggles.  For that as their coach I am very proud.  We as a team look forward to the future challenges and will prepare appropriately.  See you next season.

FALL 2015

GORC 10U Volleyball: Serving up the Competition

Once again our 10U Girls have proven to be the team to beat.  With an unprecedented 13 teams participating in 10U this fall volleyball season A.A. County separated our 4 GORC teams into two leagues.  GORC 10u Panthers in the “Attack” league and team GORC 10u Pumas in the “Pancake” league took top spots in their leagues respectively.   The Panthers finished the season with an overall record of 7-0, winning 20 out of 21 sets.  For some players on the team this is their third winning season in a row. (Fall 2014/Spring 2015/Fall 2015)

This team was led by a core group of girls returning from the previous fall and spring seasons.  Having developed a strong serving presence early on in the season, they were able to dispatch the competition week after week.  Emily and Kiara led the team in overall serving percentage averaging over .800, while the team as a whole had a remarkable average of .717 having served 413 times over the course of the season.    

As like every year the older girls move on.  A majority of the Panthers will age up moving on to 12U for 2016 fall season.  There they will take on the next level of competition.  

Contact Information

Amber Raynor


Coaching Requirements

All Youth Head Coaches in County-sponsored leagues must be certified every three years.  To assist with this vital undertaking, the clinic covers topics such as, departmental procedures, coaching philosophy, sports psychology, legal matters, health and is offered 3 times per year.  The next Coaches Clinic is

Upcoming Clinics

Fall Sports:
Date: Wednesday, August 9 2017
Time: Registration begins at 6:00pm, program begins at 6:30pm and last for about 2 hours. 
Place: Old Mill High School - Auditorium
Winter Sports:
Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Spring Sports:
Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Also as a GORC coach you will need to attend a Positive Coaching Alliance seminar.

Background Checks

The purpose of the Department of Recreation and Parks Background Check Program is to ensure that every individual who interacts with children undergoes a criminal history records check. The objective of the Background Check Program is to provide parents with peace of mind knowing their children are provided a safe and positive experience. 

Should you plan to coach or assist the head coach you must get a background check done.